– Keep your first/default gun (bad pistol) since it takes no energy.

    – Always press your skill (blue lightning button) right before entering a room of enemies.

      – Each dungeon has a boss at level 5.

        – There’s a chest in the bar where all the characters hang out. It costs 1000 gems to unlock but once unlocked it’s always available before playing a game, providing you with a new weapon.

        – Each day a mail guy shows up with free gems:

          – The slot machine costs 50 gems each pull and usually on the second pull you win something.

          – The refrigerator in the bar is the gem shop:

          – The safe provides coins for every new game, but you have to upgrade it for more:

          – The cellar shows you all the weapons you’ve collected and the enemies you’ve encountered:

            – You may not grab a twin barrel pistol when you see one because of the 3 attack it has, but because it’s a twin barrel you shoot two bullets for a total of 6 attack using only one portion of your energy.

              – Crossbows are amazing, especially the triple crossbow, because you can charge your shot and it almost always takes out an enemy in one hit, using only the one portion of your energy. They are more efficient than low attack guns.

                – When you die, click the right play button to revive for the price of watching a video ad once you die again:

                  – Never stop moving when your fighting enemies and use stone blocks/walls as cover.

                  – Save your bullets! If you have an AK-47 for example don’t just hold down the fire button, especially in the first levels when enemies are easy to kill.

                  – Don’t enter a room if you have low health and you haven’t explored the whole dungeon yet:

                    – When you reach level 5 of a dungeon, switch to your default gun (bad pistol) and save your energy as much as you can for the boss.

                      – If your health and/or energy is full and you find a health/energy pot in a chest or crate at the beginning of the level, don’t take it until you’ve been in all the rooms. Then if your health/energy has been affected, take it before going in the portal.

                      – When you find crystals and you don’t have a melee weapon, switch to your bad pistol so in the case that you shoot, you don’t waste energy. Get close to the crystal and then you can hit it with a melee attack:

                        – Break crates for energy and coins.

                          – Don’t forget to upgrade your character!

                          – You can record your gameplay by pausing and pressing on the red rec on the left side:

                          – Visit the trader if there is one:

                          – Hire a hero to help you and let him do the killing for you: